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Linky Thursday

Surprise your trick-or-treater with an awesome Frankenzombie bag to gather their loot! or make a less scary, candy corn version.

Give new life to an old basket by making it a liner.

If you’re needing a new bag that can showcase bold prints, the Madeleine is just for you.

Because everyone needs a giant squid pillow.

Fringe is in. Learn how to make a skirt that has lots of movement when you walk!

Thanks to Erika and her weekend retreat, I now need to sew up this cute fox scarf.

Skip the scary this Halloween and make cute bat plushies instead.

Bring a bit of fall into your home by making a few of these fall wreath pillows.

Spice up your pumpkins with a bit of embroidery (or just make them plain and use awesome fabric).

I never thought I’d say that I need a t-shirt scarf, but this one has interesting enough details that I may change my mind!

Not only is this shopping tote, HUGE, but it comes with it’s own, handy zippered storage!

It takes a bit of clicking on links to get all the details of this (diaper) bag, but I think in the end it’s well worth it. In fact, I’m thinking it would make a fabulous tote!

It may be chilly outside, but that doesn’t mean your little one still can’t swing. Make an indoor version that hangs on a tension mount rod.

Host the perfect tea party with this gorgeous, reversible tablecloth!

Fuzzy Spider

Halloween is right around the corner and I’ve procrastinated with Easton’s costume only because he can’t seem to make up his mind what he wants to be. After surfing the web, visiting stores, and attempting to plan out a DIY alien abduction style costume, Easton has settled on a spider. Now, I’m on a mission to get this costume finished by Saturday so we can attend a costumed event. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far (I still haven’t figured out how I want to tackle the eyes. I don’t really like how they recommend creating them – fuzzy pompoms):

Project Details:

Pattern: KwikSew 3803


Fabrics: Ultra Cuddle (fleece) from Joann‘s


Total Cost:


Shape Flex – Today’s Cool Tool

10-blanket You know those great (yet overpriced) stadium blankets that they sell in stores? The ones with the cute tied ends? Did you know that there’s a great tool that can help you easily make your own?

To start off this post, I have to admit, I didn’t make this blanket. My daughter did. I found the fabric on clearance recently ($1yard!) and picked it up knowing that it would make a great throw. When I finally showed it to her the other night, she told me that I had to transform it into a blanket. That’s when I handed her a Shape Flex ruler, a rotary cutter, and cutting mat – in about an hour she had the photo you see on the left! That’s why this is my ‘cool tool of the week’ – it’s a handy little ruler that’s easy to use (you just line up the edges, insert your rotary cutter into the ‘slot’, and slice to your desired length and allowed me some selfish sewing time (well, selfish sewing shopping time). Best of all, this entire project cost $2! You can’t beat that!

Tea Anyone?

teacozy I will admit, while I’m really not much of a tea drinker, I am a sucker for cute tea cozies! That’s how my latest tutorial for WeAllSew came about – for my love of cozies (you may remember my can wrap tutorial that I wrote not that long ago – I’ve got a theme going)! Not only do these little guys keep your tea pot warm, but they require very little fabric to make and are extremely easy to make. Plus it’s a great opportunity to use some of your prettiest fabric and do a bit of quilting, too!

Hard-to-find Hardware

20131011_080933-1 (1) I have come to the conclusion that it is almost impossible to find (interesting) bag hardware and handles here in the United States. Sure we have some basics (D-rings, feet, magnetic closures), but finding the kind of hardware that makes a bag look professional is almost a futile search. So, recently, I made an etsy purchase from 3D Hardwares and was not disappointed in my loot – everything is nicely made and soooo shiny! I can’t wait to start playing with it all! Anyone else have favorite hardware retailers that I should check out? I see a bag making frenzy coming on (and if all goes well, I may put out a few patterns to go along with them, too)!

Linky Thursday

“Statement pillows” aren’t just a conversation pieces, they make a simple couch ‘pop’! Learn how to make an easy geometric version with some bias piecing and pretty quilting.

If you don’t really want to wear a costume this Halloween and love a good apron, then check out this adorable Wicked Apron – I think the lattice bodice makes this look.

Stay on trend my stitching up a pretty, knit peplum skirt.

This little girl’s dress screams ‘fall’ – I think I need this pattern in my size.

If you’ve always wanted to work with ruffle knits, but never knew what to make, this scarf tutorial is the perfect solution!

The Minimalist Cowl pattern is a super cute day-to-night style top, but only if you’re an XSS (although I suspect you could get away with it if you’re a Medium if you use a really good stretch).

Could these little elephant stuffies be any cuter? Even though my kids might be too old for one, I’m thinking that it would make an adorable pin cushion.

Looking for a fun hat? This beanie tutorial may be posted in another language, but you’ll definitely be able to stitch it up by viewing the stepped out instructions.

Halloween may be almost here, but Christmas isn’t too far behind. Get a jump start on decorating by making a few of these felt holly ornaments (or maybe make enough to make a fun ‘bunting’).

There’s something so sweet about a little girl in a pillow case. Whip up your own before it’s too cold to wear it this year!

Tired of using drawstring bags to carry your jewelry when you travel, only to find that they’re a tangled mess when you get to your destination? Then make one of these handy, necklace travel cases.

Sew It All TV

10-sewitall See that giant, cheesy grin? That’s me containing my excitement while I’m standing next to Ellen on the set of Sew It All! (I also have to admit that I am a bad blogger and totally forgot to take photos while I was there – this shot is from SewItAll’s Instagram feed. So be sure to head over there, like some photos, and get a preview of everyone’s projects for the upcoming season) Yesterday’s taping was so much fun – just like sewing with a friend! Plus everyone was so welcoming and made the experience so enjoyable. Hopefully you’ll have as much fun watching the episodes as much as I had filming them.

Adding to my excitement was the fact that I finally got to meet several sewing bloggers in person! While I’ve been following their webpagesFacebookTwitter posts for quite some time, it was great to be able to hang out with them ‘real time’. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Kristina from the Nerdy Sewist, Sharon of Sharon Sews, or Rhonda of Rhonda’s Creative Life, I highly recommend you check out their webpages – they are all super nice and extremely talented ladies…. now I really want to go to Sewing Summit next year so I can meet more you all in real life!

While I am totally inspired to get into my sewing room today, I think I’ll have to clean up the disaster left behind in my house instead – the product of leaving my husband in charge of the kids while I was gone. Then I think I need to get to work on a new fall wardrobe – I feel a chill in the air, finally!

The Matching Tunic

It’s not quite a tank, but it’s not the (suggested) tunic length either… it’s somewhere in between. It’s my new racer-back top!


For this project, I used Jalie 3245, the racer-back tunic (without pockets) and with material that I believe I picked up at Gorgeous Fabrics (I stashed this before I began a better labeling system). While the previous version I had made was perfect to wear as a short dress, it was just a tad too long under my new cardigan – so I shortened (and straightened out) the hem 2″. Otherwise I made this pattern, as is… and I love it! It’s super comfy, easy to wear, and best of all, matches my new cardigan (and shoes) wonderfully. If all goes well, I’ll be wearing this today while taping my episode at Sew It All TV!

Cardi Love

10-cardiI’m normally not what you would call a cardigan wearer. In fact, if you look in my closet I may have one (aside from my previous Drop Pocket version) tucked back into a corner somewhere. But I have to admit, I love this pattern so much, I’m plotting a third one to use as loungewear when the evenings get cool.

Before I start shopping for more fabric though, I had better show you what I worked on this weekend. I’m not just in love with the fit and comfort of this version, but the pop of color that this puts into my wardrobe. Now to work on the toptunic that will match it perfectly!

Cardigan Day 1

cardi1 I’m sad to say, I haven’t been able to sew as much as what I would have liked to this week. Consequently, this is the current state of my Jalie Drop Pocket Cardigan (I have to apologize for my poor photograph, too. My computer is, once again, broken – which has the photo editing software that I like to use). While my little cover up isn’t finished, I can say I think this one may be better than the last – the fabric is really wonderful to work with and I LOVE the color! Now, if I could have a few quiet hours to work on this project, I’ll have a finished cardigan to wear next week. Wonder if I could sneak in a new top, too?