Hobo Love

09-hobo All summer long, my daughter asked for a hobo style bag. I agreed, with the stipulation that she baby sit her younger brother (you know, do all the things a 5 year old little boy wants to do for 4 hours….). Being the typical teenager (never homehanging out with friendssleeping inavoiding the little brotheretc.), she never held up her end of the deal. This weekend, she mentioned it again and look what’s finished?

For this purse, I used Flamingo Toe’s 4-Hour Slouchy Summer Hobo Bag tutorial and a tealwhite chevron print. I found that the material (from Hobby Lobby) was extremely thin and very see-through so my only option for a lining was a white material (unfortunately, all I had on hand was muslin). Because both fabrics are extremely flimsy, I opted to interface the lining – this made for a much stiffer bag than what is pictured in the tutorial, but I think should hold up better over time and should slouch more when it’s full. I also used a much longer zipper (36″ instead of 22″) so that it reaches the bag tabs. Overall, the instructions were easy to follow, but I did find the part for the zipper a bit confusing initially (then realized I do the same technique all the time when I’m making box bags) and came together much quicker than the 4 hours listed. Best of all, Taylor loves the bag – although she requested that the strap be a bit longer (back to the store for more webbing) so that she can wear this purse cross-body.

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