Selfish Sewing

09-wig It’s Friday, I have 3/4 of my very large projects finished (and one extremely large box to ship off), and it’s my birthday weekend (I will not reveal how old I will be, though). That means only one thing – Selfish Sewing.

I actually started my selfish sewing yesterday. I even took a photo of what I’m working on (I’m stitching out Urban Thread’s Lace Top Hat that I plan on embellishing), but I have to admit, it’s rather uninteresting at the moment (so you get a picture of me in a crazy wig instead). I am also tossing around the idea of making another Drop Pocket Cardigan, an Ariadne Tunic, a Football Jersey recon, or the Laurie striped tee. Almost all of them depend on if I can find ‘the right fabric’, so I suppose I had better hit up a few stores this weekend as well!

4 thoughts on “Selfish Sewing

  1. sewexhausted

    Great ideas… The football jersey tutorial is awesome and I need to put that in to my plans. The named tee- I should make one because it has my name… the tiny hat is SWEEEEET… I feel a chill in the air so a cardigan would be nice… and the tunic looks fab too. Happy shopping- hope you find something for them all! Thanks for sharing! ~Laurie

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