New Favorites

I think everyone has their favorite tools, but this weekend, I found two new treasured notions:


A (Dritz Ezy) Hem Gauge and portable pressing mat. I had quite a bit of hemmingpressing to do and this hem gauge was a huge time saver – just fold up the material to the desired width and iron in place! The pressing mat was from my husband’s late grandmother’s sewing room and lately, I’ve been finding myself using it a lot. In this case, I was able to put it on a table and watch a program while I worked! So, this leads me to my question, “What are some of your favorite tools?”

5 thoughts on “New Favorites

  1. CGCouture

    I like my hem gauge, though I always manage to burn my fingers on it…

    Really though, my fave tools are my cutting mat and rotary cutter–SO much easier than scissors.

  2. Gjeometry

    I also have both these tools and LOVE them! I also love the 16 in 1 gauge that is a tool that has 16 different pre-measured sides. So easy to just hold it up and see if yours match.

  3. Kyle

    Hmmmm…I might have to get that hem gauge now that I see what it’s for and how it’s used…I’ve seen it on Joann’s notions wall and never stopped to figure it out….

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