Linky Thursday

Still searching for a fun scarf to wear this fall? Transform you old t-shirts into a hot accessory.

Every woman needs a simple elegant dress that she can wear day or night. This vintage inspired boxy dress tutorial transforms a simple tee into just that. Then pair it up with a simple clutch.

Even the pre-K kids need new school supplies. This toddler backpack is just their size and is beyond adorable!

Bandeau bras are a great way to cover your assets, but be pretty at the same time. Learn how to make your own with this video tutorial.

Is your little girl disappointed she can’t take her dollhouse with her traveling? Now she can.

A bag can never have too many compartments. This gray and orange pocket bag is a perfect way to tote everything you need for the day and still be organized!

Have you stopped by Heather Bailey’s blog lately for her month of daily giveaways? There’s party supplies, patterns, and more up for grabs!

Give new life to an old sweater by turning it into a cardigan.

Turn your fabric scraps into baby toys with this fabric block tutorial.

I tend to think of my pajama pants as ‘loungewear’ because if they’re comfortable enough, I want to wear them all day. I’m thinking Noodlehead’s tutorial definitely fits as loungewear!

After seeing this post on how to make an origami dress out of money, I am convinced it’s easier just to sew one.