Magical Mustache Pillows


I have been itching (for quite some time) to make ‘fun’ pillowcases. Fortunately, my latest swap provided me with that chance! I settled on some mustache fabric (one of my partner’s favorites) and Twiddletails Magical Pillowcase Tutorial. The tutorial is very easy to follow and the results are fast and looks great, but my final ‘standard size’ pillowcase is HUGE – it’s almost large enough for my king size ones! Keeping that in mind, if I would make these again (it would be fun to do a holiday set) I would definitely adjust the measurements on this one – personally, I don’t like that much extra material flopping around on the ends of my pillows. Otherwise, I highly recommend this tutorial!

2 thoughts on “Magical Mustache Pillows

  1. CGCouture

    Cute! How much do you think you’d need to shorten it to fit standard pillows? I’d like to make some cute cases for our “leg” pillows to make them double as decorative ones…

    So did you give up on your server issue, or just decide that you liked this format better?

    1. stacysewswebsite

      I would say a good 4″ shorter (possibly more depending on how full your pillows are)! I’m definitely thinking about doing this again for the holidays – maybe with some embroidery or name appliques.

      The date on when the server will be up and running has been pushed back a couple of times. Last I heard, it was August 1 – although I’m not holding my breath. I’m starting to get used to this format, although I miss my old content (sometimes I want to refer to it and realize I can’t!).

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