Cherry Bomb(shell)

07-cherrybomb1 Have you ever made something so ‘fun’ that it calls for a special setting or props to ‘make’ the photo? That’s kind of how I feel about my finished bombshell – it’s such a fun, retro look that I felt like I had to do victory rolls, don a big flower, and put on my reddest lipstick.

So now that the suit is done and photos are taken, let’s talk about the construction of the suit! Let me start off by saying, that this suit is vastly different from anything I’ve worked on before, but I think that the directions simplified it enough so that almost any level of sewist (advanced beginner and on) could work on it. One of the elements that makes this look so flattering is all the ruching, however that means one thing – LOTS OF BULK. I stayed away from serging this project just because I was afraid that it would be even bulkier and that my machines somewhat dulling blade would chew up my garment and I’m glad that I did. I even found myself having to unpick several seams (my own errors) and was happy that they weren’t the 4 thread serged ones! One thing that I wasn’t prepared for was the amount of elastic that was used – since I knew I had some on hand, I never paid attention to how much was called for (about 4 yards)… and I used every bit of what I had (if you’re wondering what takes up so much all the hems have elastic in them). Don’t assume this is a typo – you really will use that much!

As for the fit, you can see for yourself, it’s spot on:


I cut an 810 (it was a meld of the two sizes really) for the top portion of the suit and a 10 for the bottom and I think that the fit is incredible. The neckline, gathers, and length are really flattering to the body – I just love it!

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  1. Jane

    You are a bombshell!!! So adorable. I am loving all the suits in this pattern that I am seeing. I fear I may be a tad old for it, but would love to make it for my daughter. She loves the retro looks.

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