Lanyards & Key Fobs

07-lanyards Whimseybox & Craftgawker started a crafty challengecontest the other day – and I just couldn’t seem to pass it up… mama needs a new dress form! Since not everyone sews, I came up with a (sewing optional) project that is fun for all skill and crafting levels – Key Fobs & Lanyards! Here’s a quick and easy tutorial on how to do it:

10″ (for Wristlet key fob) or 32″ (for Lanyard) of 1″ nylon or cotton webbing
10″ (for Wristlet key fob) or 32″ (for Lanyard) of 1/2-5/8″ wide ribbon
1″ key fob hardware strap end
25mm Split Ring
Pliers (preferably a smooth jaw style)
Fabric Glue (optional)

1. Center ribbon on one side of webbing. Glue (or sew) in place. *If gluing be sure to let ribbon dry before proceeding to next step.

2. Fold webbing in half, wrong sides together and raw edges even. Place both ends inside open end of hardware.

3. Using pliers, pinch ends of clamp together until closed and webbing does not slip out of hardware.

4. Slip slit ring through hardware loop.

TaDa! You’re done! It’s easy to make and fun to receive (and I have to admit that I love the mustache version an awful lot)!

7 thoughts on “Lanyards & Key Fobs

  1. Mimi

    Just curious , do use the nylon webbing frim hobby lobby? Just wanted to be sure the hardware would work, I generally get my webbing frim everything ribbins(they referred me to you) just thinking that would be too heavy around the neck, and wanted to be sure that the nylon would hold tight onto the hardware if I chose that kind. Hope I am making sense…thanks

    Mimi in East Tn

    1. stacysewswebsite

      I did (they actually had an nice color selection, even though I settled on black this time)! They have worked really well – they aren’t too heavy and haven’t slipped out of the hardware. I actually purchased some of the cotton webbing at the same time and found that their particular brand is almost too thick and had a much harder time fitting them into the hardware. Hope that helps!

      1. Mimi

        Just want to be clear, you used the nylon webbing frim hobby lobby correct? I have not been able to locate the hardware only in etsy though, so I can sew the ribbin in, then just clamp the ribbon together with the hardware, you think 7/8 grisgrain. Will work with ine in nylon webbing? Thanks fir your input!

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