One Piece Side Draped Top

07-drapedrape Since my thumb injury is setting me back on the Bombshell gathering, I decided to make something from my latest book acquisition, Drape Drape 2. I decided to start with “One piece side draped top”.

Let me start off by saying that the sizing in this book ‘runs small’ (by American standards) – my measurements puts me into the XL category (‘big 4’ sizing puts me into a 10/12 typically). However, there is enough drapeease with these patterns that am fairly certain that I won’t have to make too many adjustments. The patterns for all the designs are included in the book, but be prepared to trace your pieces onto very large tracing clothpaper (since many of the clothing views are one and two pieces, you will likely have to join multiple pieces together to make one pattern piece so you can imagine how large that can get!). Because I wasn’t sure about fitsizing on the top, I decided not to cut into my ‘good’ fabric and used something in my stash instead – a pretty stretch meshonionskin material.

I have to admit, the construction of this top is super easy (the hardest work is really tracing off the pattern) and the fit is fine (I did increase the neckline by several inches because it is very LOW). However, I’m not crazy about my material choice… this pattern really does look fabulous in a stripe knit- overall design is lost on the mesh print. Stay tuned for a new, updated version soon!