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07-todo As I sat and drank my morning coffee, I realized that July is (almost) over and that August brings a lot of work to tackle. To keep myself focused on the tasks at hand, I made myself a ‘To Do List’ and intend on sticking with it! While it looks relatively short, there are three ‘major’ projects that that I suspect will take up a bulk of this month: a few new tutorials for Bernina’s WeAllSew, making a pair of jeans from my Jean-ius class, and a “top secret”, soon-to-be-revealed, super-exciting news project! Consequently, you may be seeing lots of sneek-peeks, but not a lot of ‘whole’ project reviews or reveals…. yet!

So, what’s on your agenda this month? I’d love to hear what everyone is working on, too!

Gradient Stripe

With the weather turning unseasonably cool, fall fabricspatterns hitting the stores, and back-to-school just weeks away, I think it’s safe to say, “I’m done with summer sewing.” Consequently, I present to you my last summer garment of the year: Jalie 3246, the Maxi Dress.

Project Details:

Pattern: Jalie 3246

Fabric: Gradient Stripe Cotton Jersey from Girl Charlee

Total Cost:


Magical Mustache Pillows


I have been itching (for quite some time) to make ‘fun’ pillowcases. Fortunately, my latest swap provided me with that chance! I settled on some mustache fabric (one of my partner’s favorites) and Twiddletails Magical Pillowcase Tutorial. The tutorial is very easy to follow and the results are fast and looks great, but my final ‘standard size’ pillowcase is HUGE – it’s almost large enough for my king size ones! Keeping that in mind, if I would make these again (it would be fun to do a holiday set) I would definitely adjust the measurements on this one – personally, I don’t like that much extra material flopping around on the ends of my pillows. Otherwise, I highly recommend this tutorial!

80s Revival?

07-image I love good mail days. Yesterday, when I opened up my mailbox, the new issue of My Image magazine was waiting for me. This issue has some nice ‘basics’, but I have to admit, a couple of the tunics (and definitely the higher-waist, pleather pants) seem like throwbacks to the ’80s. They aren’t the only ones, either. There have been several patterns from ‘the big 4’ that are using design elements from that era – flowing tops with ‘back design elements’, thicker, higher waistbands on pants, ruffled peplums…. I’m just waiting for severe shoulder pads to be thrown in there too! Needless to say, I’m struggling as to what I’m sewing for the fall – I lived through the ’80s fashion once, I’m not sure I care to do most of it again!

You can check out the entire My Image magazine and the patterns available in it, here.

Linky Thursday

Nothing says summer like a nautical style bag. This one definitely fits the bill!

This pretty ruffle tank won’t just keep you cool, it’ll make you look good doing it.

Speaking of tanks, here’s a cute, racerback dress version you can make for a little girl or one that’s just for the guys!

Skip the tiny bikinis, this tankini is adorable!

A-lines look fabulous on almost every body type. Learn how to make 17 different variations of this fabulous skirt if you win this book.

Tired of carry around a bulky diaper bag? This grab-and-go style diaper changing clutch is the perfect solution!

Everyone needs a flirty frock that you can wear to work, like the Day Date Dress.

I predict sloths will be the new ‘owl’. Learn how to make your own and stay ahead of the trend!

If you still love crop tops, but think you’re too old to wear one, think again. This version is a great take on a youthful style.

An apron top won’t just give you a cute looking shirt, it gives you a few variations to wear it as well.

I always drool over ‘jelly rolls’, but never know what to do with them. Now I do… make a floor pillow (although this floor poof is pretty nice too)!

Never lose a crayon in the carairplanetrain again with this handy travel crayon roll.

Crochet or Die

07-crochet Check mark that another project is finished for my Spell My Name swap… but this one isn’t sewn. Instead, I made a “Crochet or Die” pendant from a washer, jewelry bale, an image made from my home printer, and various Mod Podge products (including glitter finish and Dimensional Magic). Overall, the pendant didn’t turn out too bad (my biggest worry was that the ink would smear), but I did learn that the image I use needs to be very crisp for it to be easily read after the Dimensional Magic has hardened.

Speaking of Mod Podge, has anyone tried the Mod Melts? This looks like a fun new product (although I’m not quite sure how I’d use them) – I may have to break down and try some!

Kimono Top

07-kimono I know it’s been around for awhile, but I am finally getting to Maria’s Kirsten Kimono Tee. My goal was to test out this pattern to see how well I liked it, then potentially use it with a bird fabric I had picked up at the end of spring (in fact, I have an entire outfit planned around that material – does anyone else do that?).

For this project, I went with a super-soft, slubbed jersey that I found in the clearance section of Joann’s – and who says you can’t find knit gems at that store? Overall, the instructions were easy to follow and is put together much like any other basic t-shirt pattern. My only complaint(s) is that you have to do some calculating on the length of the neck binding (which means that you shouldn’t do this late at night when your brain is foggy!) and that you must remember to add seamhem allowances while cutting (I made notes to myself on the printed pattern so I wouldn’t forget). The fit is fine, but I have to admit, I’m just underwhelmed with the style – it looks a lot like what I’ve been making with other patterns. The Kirsten Kimono does have a slightly wider neckline than most of my tees, that’s about the only difference I’m seeing.

The bottom line: If you don’t have a favorite t-shirt pattern, I would highly suggest this one. Otherwise, stick with what you’ve got unless you’re just looking for a new neckline.

I Mustache You A Question

07-keyring The best thing about swaps is the opportunity to make projects that you might not otherwise make for yourself. During a Linky Thursday, I stumbled across this tutorial for a Mustache Key Ring…. never knowing that that particular item would appear on my partner’s Pinterest ‘wish list’! (I even had some scrap leather on hand!) So, over the weekend, I set out to make two (she wanted one for her son as well) – what an adorable project and best of all I whipped it up in no time!

Winner, Winner!

I’ll admit, I LOVE social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) almost as much as I like sewing. It’s a great way to connect with a larger sewing community, keep up with the latest trendsfabricspatterns, and sometimes, there’s contests! I was giddy to find out that I won Elliott Berman Textiles FabricLove Facebook Giveaway (this is an ongoing contest so there’s a new chance this week) and my package arrived yesterday:


Inside were two French viscose knits and textured cotton from Milly! They are FABULOUS (and I can’t wait to put them to good use)! I think the two knits are definitely sending me a ‘fall’ vibe so I’m keeping an eye out for some new patterns that I can use with them, I’m not quite sure what to do with the Milly yet – it’s a wide yard and has a bit of stretch. Any suggestions? Maybe it’s time to look through some of my BurdaStyle magazines again for some inspiration!

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Linky Thursday

Want to win a Bernina swag bag of goodies? WeAllSew is holding a giveaway – but it ends tonight at midnight!

If you’re like me, you have cute socks that you hate to part with, but eventually get holes in the heels. Here’s a tutorial on how you can turn them into fingerless gloves.

This is no ordinary beach towel – this one folds up into a tote.

One of my favorite purses of all time was a funky mesh hobo in the 1980s. Consequently, I have a fondness for this type of bag – I love this version with a front, outside pocket.

Make a flirty skirt for the weekend using this XOX Skirt tutorial from Weekend Designer.

Fabric stores are already starting to carry holiday prints. Jump start Christmas sewing with this Speedy Tree Skirt.

Get ready for back to school by making a backpack (with just one yard of fabric)!

A cupcake that looks good enough to eat, but is really meant for eye candyplaytoyfabulous pincushion! Looking for something a little smaller? Try a ring sized variety!

This mini duffel is a cute way to stash your belongings – plus it’s a great excuse to use vintage pillowcases.

Dressing up? Make your little guy a tie. The best part about this tutorial is that it comes in 3 sizes!

Keep your notions handy with a scissor keep that hangs on the wall.