Hot Coral

06-neon I have to admit, I love the neon trend… I just don’t want that much neon in my wardrobe. So when I saw that Girl Charlee carried a variety of neon and gray stripes, I decided I had to have at least one – the hot coral. My first thought was to make a tank style dresstunic (Jalie 3245), but realized that my daughter has a dress almost exactly like this in her closet. So, I made the next best thing – a short-sleeved, V-neck style tee from Jalie 2805. Unfortunately, the photo is the only time I’ve had a chance to wear it because my daughter snatched this top up and wore it immediately. I guess I should have ordered more fabric so I could have made two!

8 thoughts on “Hot Coral

  1. stacysewswebsite

    I like their prints and the weight of most fabrics they carry, but don’t order if you’re in a rush. I think I’ve been spoiled by some quick shipping vendors (same day or next) because it does take them 3-4 days to process your order a lot of times.

  2. laurahoj

    You liked the weight of the fabric? The samples I received with the ponte I used for my Polka Dot Frock were quite thin, but labeled light to medium weight. Was yours that thin?

    1. stacysewswebsite

      This particular stripe was thin, but I personally like this weight for t-shirts because I feel like beefier weights look too bulky and tend to stretch less (so I never get that comfy, broken in feel). Even though it was thin, the stitches didn’t make permanent holes that run the material either.
      I did order several other knits from them – I found the cottonlycra blends tend to be heavier weight and also makes a nice shirtdress but still have good stretch and recovery. I also got a cotton print (the one with the birds) that was a heavier weight than what I expected.
      With that said, I do find that their chevrons are really thin – which is a shame because I tend to lean toward the lighter colors and they almost look see-through.
      I just ordered another round of fabric and will let you know how those turn out (I’m really excited about a graded ombre print – let’s hope that’s not too thin)!

      1. laurahoj

        The chevron print samples were way too thin for my taste. So the other fabrics weren’t as thin as the chevrons? That would be acceptable to me. I am not a huge fan of the chevrons, so I wouldn’t be buying them anyway, but the white part was definitely see-through. Maybe I will try out some of the other fabrics from them. Thanks for letting me know how they are!

      2. stacysewswebsite

        Definitely the chevrons are the thinnest that I’ve gotten from them – it may be because they print that on their own (I’ve gotten a few samples from them and found some of the funkier prints are also pretty thin)? I’d say if you want something with a bit more heft, go with the cottonlyras – I had even purchased white and it’s not see-through (I made Jalie raglans – unfortunately they are on the old server right now so I can’t point you to a picture), but still has ‘drape’ to it.

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