Other Crafty Pursuits

06-paintingWhile I love sewing, I have to admit, I like to branch out to other crafty pursuits every once in awhile. Recently, a group of friends and I got together to try out a new, local store that ‘teaches’ you how to paint a specific painting (you select the class based on the painting you want to create – ours was “Funky Tree”). I have to admit, I was totally impressed – in under 2 hours everyone (we had a class of 30) had a painting that looked almost exactly alike! I can definitely see doing this again in the future – I even scoped out which painting(s) I’d like to try next!

06-glasses Also this month, I created some party favors for Taylor’s birthday party – painted glasses. We had purchased some inexpensive martini glasses and non-toxic paint markers to customize each glass with the guest’s name. After decorating each one, I baked them in the oven in hopes that the design wouldn’t come off. While this worked to an extent, only very gentle hand washing keeps the image from rubbing off – even after heat setting each one. On the up side, each glass was well received and they enjoyed drinking mock-tails out of them.

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