The Duffel

Just in time for Taylor’s birthday and cheer camp, the quilted Simplicity bag project is done! I have to say, I’m surprised at how much I actually like this over nighter – it’s cute, stylish, and HUGE! I also like the zippered, expandable pocket on the outside of the bag that helps to keep you a bit organized as well (next time I make this, I may make two).
The only downside to this project is the unfinished interior. I did zig-zag the edges to prevent raveling and to make them look a bit neater, but if you’re turned off by exposed seams, this project may not be for you. Pair this up with the fact that the pattern calls for a muslin lining, it might definitely look unappealing on the inside… although I did think using a pre-quilted material with a colorful backside (lining) did help make everything look a lot nicer – your eyes are drawn to the pattern inside and not the seams!
Overall, I highly recommend this pattern – in fact, I’m looking for an excuse to make one again!

5 thoughts on “The Duffel

    1. stacysewswebsite

      Joanns! They had a pretty nice selection of pre-quilted fabrics in stock at my store. I also found that has a really nice selection too (with some ‘designer’ brands as well)

  1. sewkate

    I knew someone I follow had just made this bag! I had to come back and look for this project, because I just finished a project by the same designer.The instructions for the Professional Zip Around Wallet I made were so good I decided to make something else by Studio Cherie. This overnight bag looks like a winner. Thanks for your review!

    1. stacysewswebsite

      It really was fun to make and the size is HUGE – which means my daughter is able to shove everything she needs into her own bag. I definitely see more of these in my future!

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