Sew It All

On newsstands today, Volume 6 of Sew It All – with two new projects by me!
The first is a wrapped, swimsuit cover-up. You may recognize this design as being very similar to an expensive, ready-to-wear version from a woman with a ‘secret’. Now you can make it for yourself – it’s easier than you think!
The second project is “Mother’s Helper” an easy-to-sew nursing blanket that is not just adjustable but allows you to be able to watch your child without having to lift up the blanket during feeding (thanks to a bit of boning).

One thought on “Sew It All

  1. Pam

    I just saw a nursing blanket like that this morning. My friend was nursing her 3 week old using the blanket. It was really handy! I’ll have to check out the magazine.

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