Pizza Roll Pillow

What’s the best part about sewing? Being able to make just about anything you can dream up! My daughter had an idea for a Christmas gift for her boyfriend, a pizza roll pillow (apparently, he eats a lot of pizza rolls), but never found anything remotely similar to what she was looking for…. so she asked me to make one. The photo on the left is what I came up with. The lettering and banners have all been created and fused with Wonder Under and the pizza roll images were made by enlarging the actual photos from the box, printing them on a t-shirt transfer (made for darks so that the fabric doesn’t bleed through the photo), and ironing them directly onto the pillow. I think it turned out well, but if I ever make one again, I think I’ll add more ‘details’ like nutritional information from the back and the description of the pizza roll flavor (that appears under the combination banner), just to make it look even more ‘realistic’.

This was definitely one of the most fun (and wacky) projects that I worked on for Christmas. What have you enjoyed sewing up this holiday? Anything off the wall?

3 thoughts on “Pizza Roll Pillow

    1. Stacy

      Yes and no. She’s worked on projects, but they need to be the kind you can start and finish in an afternoon. I think she might pick it up later on in life – she comes up with fun ideas for projects, she just makes me execute them right now!

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