Wild Woman

Just in time for the weekend, my ‘wildwoman’ tunic is finished! I was a bit concerned how wide the neckline would turn out, but went ahead and sewed it ‘as is’ and was presently surprised that it didn’t slide off my shoulders as many people had stated on Pattern Review (I may have had a better fit than most because my shoulders are rather broad). I love the ruching along the left side seam (and the shoulder seam), but I believe that the print of the fabric hides most of this detail. The fit is good, although a bit on the snug side, so if you’re looking for something with a bit more ease, I’d recommend going up one side on the lower portion of the shirt. Overall, I’m thrilled with my new tunic – it’s time to pair it up with some leggings and a great pair of boots!

4 thoughts on “Wild Woman

  1. Betty Barratt

    So wild woman, you going out this weekend with hubby? He needs to take you. That blouse is beautiful, one of my favorite that you have made.

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