Linky Thursday

Make your Christmas a bit more delectable, adorn your tree with one of these Sweet Cupcake ornaments.

Simple to make, gorgeous to wear: The Draped Square blouse. This Draped Jersey Circle top is also fabulous.

Still looking for a great, functional stocking stuffer? Check out this adorable Pencil Pouch… it’s ‘pencil’ shaped!

Turn an over-sized men’s T into a cute dolmen top.

Drop that winter sewing and get started on spring. This Washi Maxi Dress is a must sew!

No one would complain if they had to use one of these hotcold packs.

Who wouldn’t want one of these My Little Pony plush? (I even want one!)

Everyone loves new pajamas for Christmas.

Love the look of purse frames (or just always wanted to try one)? U-Handbag has a new tutorial up for the Sew in Purse.

An ironing board cover almost too pretty to use!

If a new purse is on your list, be sure to check out the Olivia Bag (it looks quick and easy to sew, too).

Need a quick skirt? Transform a pillowcase into a pretty retro version!