Stockings Were Hung

One of my fondest Christmas memories as a child was waking up finding Santa had replaced my ‘regular’ stocking with a GIANT one (filled with goodies of course). I thought that this year, my kids might think it was just as awesome and had plans to make my own extra-large stocking. Unfortunately, once I started selecting fabrics, notions, etc. I had ‘out priced’ myself – even using sales and coupons. I was going to go ahead and suck up the cost, but then I stumbled across these at the Dollar Tree. Not only are the size I was after, they were the right price too ($1 each)! Since I didn’t wind up making them, I still wanted to give the stockings a special touch so I embroidered their names on them… my only regret is that I wish I had used the larger hoop size and expanded their names to cover the cuff a bit more (I’m sure they won’t notice at all, though). Now I’ve stashed them out of sight and am ready to pull them out on Christmas morning! What surprises do you have in store on Christmas morning?