Ugly Sweater Day

Who would have ever guessed that ugly Christmas sweaters would become wildly popular? Besides parties of the same name, schools are having ‘spirit days’ where students are encouraged to wear theirs. “Unfortunately” we didn’t have one on hand, but we did have a sweater that was my grandmother’s that we were able to embellish. Since I was pressed for time, I purchased felt ornaments from a craft store (the ‘kit’ kind where kids are supposed to punch out the pieces and glue them together) to make appliques. While they look good in the photo, they were a real booger to make – apparently glue doesn’t stick to the stiff felt very well… I tried everything from white glue to super adhesive spray glue (I didn’t try superglue, but I’m sure that would have worked) and still had elements fall off eventually (of course they all stuck to my skin marvelously). This leads me to my next question: Does anyone know (for future reference) how to get these felt pieces to stick together?

4 thoughts on “Ugly Sweater Day

    1. Stacy

      No! It never even crossed my mind to use fabric glue (I think because it was marked as ornaments I just figured some sort of standard glue would work)! Thanks for the suggestion.

  1. June

    I was at JoAnn’s over the weekend and saw some kind of glue that purported to be especially for attaching felt and pompons. Sorry I don’t remember the brand, but it would be with the other Aleene glues.

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