Dimensional Magic Test

Ever since I read Mod Podge Rocks!, I’ve been anxious to try Dimensional Magic. You see, years ago I tried my hand at resin with some success, but I found that it’s not just messy (not to mention a bit toxic), there’s a bit of a learning curve to it as well…. and this product seems to be an easier way to achieve similar results. So, I bought a small package of bottle caps, an ephemera sheet, Dimensional Magic and give it a whirl – and it worked great! It’s very easy to use (unlike resin you have to mix the proper quantities, this is all in one tube) and set up overnight. I did experience some air bubbles, but I was able to remove them with a toothpick before the compound set. Once they were dry, I glued them to the empty metal space (designed for logos, etc.) on the water bottle key fob.

Now, I’m excited to try my hand a making a few necklaces with this product. I guess it’s time to hit up the hardware store for some metal washers!

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