DIY Steering Wheel Cozy

One of the few gifts that my daughter mentioned she wanted was a steering wheel cover for her car – she said that the wheel is cold in the mornings and wanted something warmer to grab onto. My first thought? I saw the perfect tutorial for this! The premise is easy: measure your steering wheel, cut your fabric, add elastic, and you’re done. While I think it looks nice and fits well, I’m not sure if it’s ‘warm’ enough (I also don’t like seeing the raw edges through the steering wheel) so I’m already brainstorming ideas how to make another one that’s not just padded, but has a finished ‘lining’. Sheesh, I make things so complicated!

7 thoughts on “DIY Steering Wheel Cozy

  1. Karin

    I have seen these around but wasn’t sure how I felt about them. Doesn’t the slip cover “slip” around as you turn the wheel?

    1. Stacy

      I think it’s fitted enough that it won’t be sliding around, but I’ll check after a couple of weeks to see if it’s stretch out any and see how she feels about it.

      1. HowSewBlogger

        Could you add that grippy fabric on the inside to prevent it from sliding around? (I am thinking of the fabric you can put on kids’ slippers soles. The reason I thought of this is that I am just now making a pair of toddler slippers. :))

      2. Stacy

        I thought about that later on and I definitely don’t see why not! In fact, I think that’s not a bad idea even if it isn’t slipping right now… it might later on!

  2. Leila

    I like complicating things if it means ending up with something we like. 🙂 Complicate it and I’ll use your tutorial for my steering wheel cover. I wanna do something plushy and freak out my husband. haha

  3. Betty Barratt

    I must have blinked, your daughter is old enough to drive now? I had no idea how long I’ve been following you. Good gosh, I guess time just keeps on keeping on.

    And the steering wheel cover is very cute. Mine is not homemade, but I found it and liked it enough to spend the time threading the leather string to connect the raw edges all the way around the wheel, and tightly at that.

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