Can & Bottle Wrap

Secret Santa gifts are always hard. Even though you may know the person really well, the spending cap always puts lots of limits on your choices…. especially when it’s a teenaged girl. Taylor’s gift exchange is this week and we shopped around to find something that her friend might like. After coming up empty handed I had an idea: a personalized canbottle wrap and a water bottle key fob (it has a rubber disk that goes around the neck of the bottle, a key ring, and beaner clip) and a whole lot of candy! Taylor liked this idea because I had recently made one for her and she loved it – in fact a lot of her cheer squad wanted one after the last game she took it to.

Now that one gift is out of the way, it’s time to buckle down and stitch up a few more that are on my list – there’s only 14 more days left! Is anyone else still sewing for the holidays?

4 thoughts on “Can & Bottle Wrap

  1. Karin

    That’s such a wonderful gift! Zebra stripes are really “in” with teenage girls. My daughter and her friends go all gaga whenever someone shows up with something like it!
    I am still sewing presents. My list is not shrinking though… in fact I think it’s growing! 😉

    1. Stacy

      I hear you on the growing list! I keep coming up with ideas, but not enough time to finish them, I’m afraid. Plus I’ve seen a few things I want to make for me, too!

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