The $11 Knockoff

I was recently at one of Joann’s big sales and went crazy with ‘extras’. One of the items I picked up? A hoodie blank (because you can never have enough sweatshirts)! Of course, I can’t just leave it plain, so after a trip down the fabric paint isle, I decided to give Tulip’s Glitter Spray Paint a try. I am ashamed to admit that I still haven’t really cracked open the YUDU so I opted to go with a freezer paper stencil for this shirt instead…. a PINK freezer paper stencil. This was much trickier that what I had originally thought it would be. To create their outlined chunky font, I took a two part approach. First I created the outline:

Then I centered thinner letters inside them so that the black would peek through the glitter paint:

Then I spray, spray, sprayed the area until it was covered (and then repeated two more times) until I got this after it dried:

What I discovered about using this product (which is new to me) is that it doesn’t provide as much coverage as what I had hoped. The package has you believe that you’ll get a thick layer of glittering like what you might see on ready-to-wear clothing when in actuality it’s very light (think ‘vintage’ glitter – something that probably had a ton of glitter at one point, but was washed enough that most has worn off). I’m now thinking that if you wanted a thicker layer that you’d have to go with something like a Glitter Bond glue and then apply fashion glitter.

The second thing I discovered: Even though this product isn’t really messy, it’s very wet and not ideal for freezer paper. I had thought after saturating the area with the paint that the paper was starting to buckle (especially after several applications) and everything would leak through, but fortunately it never did. Since I used so much spray, it also took forever to dry and made it difficult to remove the interior stencil lettering (it stayed wet, so I used tweezers to help pull it up).

Overall, not a bad product, but not exactly the outcome that I expected. I’d eventually like to try it on lighter colored material to see what I get… hmmmm, maybe I see a pair of inexpensive canvas shoes that I can sparkle in my future!

2 thoughts on “The $11 Knockoff

  1. Beth

    Stacy, do you think that maybe the problem had to do with the fabric itself? Did you wash it first to remove any chemicals remaining on the surface of the material? I’ll be interested to hear what happens when you try this on something else. I’ve never had issue with Plaid fabric paints, but I certainly haven’t tried this one.

    1. Stacy

      I think it’s just the nature of the spray, it’s very watery in comparison to anything else I’ve every used. I think it might not cause as my problems if I didn’t spray so much, but since the fabric is black I really wanted to saturate it! I’m thinking it will work fabulous on anything light colored – which reminds me, I need some shoes!

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