Sewing Rules

This weekend I broke my rule, “I don’t do alterationsrepairs for people I know”. Perhaps I was in the holiday spirit or just feeling the desperation my friend was feeling, but I decided that I would take on the task of replacing a zipper in a formal. You see, her daughter does pageants and received a (poorly made, IMHO) dress to wear in the opening number. When she went to put it on, she discovered that the zipper was broken – numerous zipper teeth had fallen out and the zipper was off the track. We tried to fix it together, but came to the conclusion that it just needed a new one…. by that evening. After a quick trip to the fabric store and an hour or so worth of work, the dress was fixed and I had one very relieved mom and daughter. Unfortunately, that was the only sewing I got in all weekend (we also decorated the house for the holidays – the photo on the left in my latest ornament, it’s it fun?), but at least it was rewarding!

Do you have any rules about your sewing?