The Petal Pusher

If you’ve picked up your latest copy of Sew News (DecJan 2013), you’ll want to turn to page 48 to see my latest project for this issue! The Petal Pusher shrug was a fun, Project Runway-esque garment to make (I worked a lot on a dress form and think I turned out something fairly trendyunique), but is definitely not something you can whip up in a few hours (there are lots of petal embellishments to attach). You’ll also want to invest in some Best Press or liquid starch to keep your petals from curling too much. Want to dress this style up for evening? Make a matching tank to wear underneath (I can definitely see this as a holiday garment)! Hope you enjoy this article and definitely let me know if you sew this one up!

6 thoughts on “The Petal Pusher

  1. Karin

    That’s beautiful… Do you have a picture that shows a bit more of the details? I would love to see that!

    1. Wilfrid

      Love the manicure . . . I did the whole mani/pedi thing on Sunday minrong and had them use bright blood-red nail enamel! Makes me feel a bit slutty just to look at my fingernails! As for the jammies, I’ve got my cotton lawn ready to go . . . will try to post a photo on the flickr website later. Since I’m using a pretty simple pattern, I’m going to challenge myself to do a very professional finish inside the garment . . . most likely French seams.

  2. Veronica

    Have to have loads of presents under the treeQuilting tool- Presensia 60 wt theard…since I have started using this brand of theard and moving my needle over one notch, I have been a lot more precise with my piecing. I also starch my fabric before cutting and during the construction of my quilt blocks.

  3. Houssem

    Fabric is pre-washed and everything is ready to get stertad when the guests leave on Friday. Cotton knit for the top and a tropical print cotton woven for the bottoms just to brighten up the winter weather the is coming soon. Top & bottom are well used New Look patterns that I love but haven’t pulled out in a while. Looking forward to relaxing with a little PJ sewing to finish the long weekend.

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