The Neoprene Experience

I was amazed when I opened my mailbox on Friday – my neoprene koozie blanks had arrived! I was so excited to give them a try that I spent the weekend embroidering and stitching them up…. Here’s my thoughts on working with this material: Piece of Cake! I discovered neoprene is easy to sew, doesn’t require ‘special’ feet or needles, and because it doesn’t ravel, you can just use a small zig-zag stitch to sew pieces together! For the embroidery I used the embroidery unit on my machine, but you could easily use a standard machine to embellish the neoprene (such as adding an applique a letter for a personalized koozie, attaching trim for a ‘floozie koozie’, or even just adding a bit of fun fabric). Now I’m kicking myself for not buying a few wine coolersinsulators so that I’d have a largermore elaborate surface to embroider on!

For those that are interested in sewing your own koozies, I bought my blanks from Sewphisticated Stitcher (I’m not affiliated, etc., just a happy customer) – they seem to have a wide range of colors and styles… (and if you click on “Holiday Door Buster Sales” on their site, you can get 10% off your online purchase).