Itty Bitty Boxer Briefs

I have sewing ADHD. As much as I wanted to make a few new things for myself, I was distracted by the challenge of a contest. Last minute I decided that I wanted to enter Pattern Review’s Re-fashion Contest. Originally, I thought about turning an old sweatshirt into a pair of shorts for myself, but I never could find a pattern (and I didn’t feel like I had the time to draft one) that I liked. So, I turned to my pins and decided I wanted to finally try out Sew a Straight Line’s Itty Bitty Boxer tutorial.

This tutorial is actually designed to use a t-shirt. The instructions have you using one size larger than what is needed (using a 5T shirt if making a 4T) but I found that my original shirt just didn’t provide quite enough fabric so I wound up using an XS adult shirt instead (one of Taylor’s old basketball camp Ts) – which was more than enough ‘material’. Overall the instructions were easy to follow (although I never did find the seam allowance so I made mine 1/4″) and I like the fact that all parts of the shirt were salvaged (hems and ribbing) to make this design. Plus, the only notion you need (aside from thread) is elastic. The downside? This pattern only comes in a 3/4 (you’ll have to size up or down according to your child’s measurements). It does, however, fit my 4T sized son very well and his only complaint was that his behind was itchy (The basketball emblem is a bit crunch from age and the material has gotten thin, so I’m guessing it’s a bit scratchy on his tush).

The bottom line: Easton loved wearing these boxer briefs (especially since we had basketball last night, they just fit the theme) and the fit is spot on – which makes it a great pair to make, but only if you have a 3/4 sized child.