Convertible Mittens Project

When I was in middle school, my mom bought me the most fantastic pair of convertible gloves – I wore them several winters until they got so worn out that I couldn’t use them any more…. and then I could never find a good replacement pair. That’s where the idea for my latest WeAllSew project came from – my awesome first pair of convertible mittens. They’re perfect for keeping your hands warm, but when you “flip the top” of the glove, give you access to your fingertips – which is especially important when you’re using a handheld device or just need the dexterity that mittens don’t allow.

This project is easy to sew up and perfect for using scraps of stretch fabric. It’s one size fit’s most, however, the stretchier your fabric is the more (larger) hand sizes it will fit. Have questions or just want to show off your latest pair? Leave a comment in this thread (and a link to your finished project photo)!

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