Return of the Stupid Sock Creatures

Finally, 5 years after reviewing Stupid Sock Creatures, there is a follow up book! That’s right it’s Return of the Stupid Sock Creatures! Just like the original title, this book is packed with lots of information on selecting your materials, how to sew and stuff your creature, adding dimension to their features (such as stuffed lips, ping-pong eyes, and protruding teeth). However, the best part of this book is the projects… their weirder, stranger, and definitely more awesome than the original! What sets these 19 creatures apart from those that appear in the first book? Details. Although this book could be geared toward any level of sewist, the techniques are definitely a step above the first book – for example the addition of bubbly, painted ping pong eyes, club-like feet (as opposed to tube style legs seen in sock monkeys), and hands with chubby little fingers. If you love to make plush or just have a child who likes one-of-a-kind creatures, then this book is definitely a title you’ll want to have on your bookshelf. As for me – I’m thinking a Snarfle (a ‘dust bunny’ with ping pong style eyes) or Rainbow Dribble (a colorful ‘giant’ with lots of arms and legs) will be in order very soon!

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