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Linky Thursday

These pretty parcel pin cushions are almost perfect for decorating or gift giving during the holidays.

If you’re always struggling what to make for the guys, why not whip up one of these fun BBQ mitts and towel? Throw in a (men’s) apron and you’ve got a complete set!

Remember those Charlie Brown Christmas specials we used to watch as kids? Now you can make ornaments to hang on your tree.

If you can’t get enough of the 10th doctor (or just a huge Dr. Who fan) then you’ll definitely want to whip up one of these Police Box Wristlets.

Whip up one of these hooded shark towels and you might actually get your child to take a bath.

Who says those cute little recon tank dresses have to be for little girls? This one is just for the grown ups.

One of my favorite shirts to make is a raglan – it gives so many opportunities to mix and match fabrics. Learn how you can make one in a size 2T.

Recover an old pair of ‘slip-on shoes’ and make a pair of trendy sweater boots! Don’t have a pair of shoes to recover? Then make a pair of Sherpa boots ‘from scratch’

The kids may already be back to school, but in my opinion one can never have too many bags… or backpacks.

If you use coupons to save yourself money while you shop, you’ll definitely want to make one of these coupon organizers – pretty and functional!

Keep your little Indians busy this Thanksgiving by letting them play in their own teepee. Then make these pretty seat sacks for their own table to keep them busy while the adults eat.

New To Me Material

Well, I’ve done it. Last week I told myself that I wasn’t going to be stitching up a lot of holiday gifts this season and by the end of last night, I found myself with enough material(s) on order to make 7 or 8 gifts. YIKES! Actually, I’m very excited – not only am I envisioning some fun, personalized items, but it gives me the opportunity to stitch on a new-to-me material: Neoprene (typically it’s used for scuba wear, but it’s probably most commonly found used in laptop cases and canbottle koozies)

This, of course, leads me to my next question: Has anyone tried working with neoprene? I’ve done a bit of research on the subject, but there’s not a ton of resources out there and would love some feedback if anyone has some! While I wait for these materials to arrive, I’m planning some fun holiday-themed ‘name pillows’….. now what have I gotten myself into?

Itty Bitty Boxer Briefs

I have sewing ADHD. As much as I wanted to make a few new things for myself, I was distracted by the challenge of a contest. Last minute I decided that I wanted to enter Pattern Review’s Re-fashion Contest. Originally, I thought about turning an old sweatshirt into a pair of shorts for myself, but I never could find a pattern (and I didn’t feel like I had the time to draft one) that I liked. So, I turned to my pins and decided I wanted to finally try out Sew a Straight Line’s Itty Bitty Boxer tutorial.

This tutorial is actually designed to use a t-shirt. The instructions have you using one size larger than what is needed (using a 5T shirt if making a 4T) but I found that my original shirt just didn’t provide quite enough fabric so I wound up using an XS adult shirt instead (one of Taylor’s old basketball camp Ts) – which was more than enough ‘material’. Overall the instructions were easy to follow (although I never did find the seam allowance so I made mine 1/4″) and I like the fact that all parts of the shirt were salvaged (hems and ribbing) to make this design. Plus, the only notion you need (aside from thread) is elastic. The downside? This pattern only comes in a 3/4 (you’ll have to size up or down according to your child’s measurements). It does, however, fit my 4T sized son very well and his only complaint was that his behind was itchy (The basketball emblem is a bit crunch from age and the material has gotten thin, so I’m guessing it’s a bit scratchy on his tush).

The bottom line: Easton loved wearing these boxer briefs (especially since we had basketball last night, they just fit the theme) and the fit is spot on – which makes it a great pair to make, but only if you have a 3/4 sized child.

Convertible Mittens Project

When I was in middle school, my mom bought me the most fantastic pair of convertible gloves – I wore them several winters until they got so worn out that I couldn’t use them any more…. and then I could never find a good replacement pair. That’s where the idea for my latest WeAllSew project came from – my awesome first pair of convertible mittens. They’re perfect for keeping your hands warm, but when you “flip the top” of the glove, give you access to your fingertips – which is especially important when you’re using a handheld device or just need the dexterity that mittens don’t allow.

This project is easy to sew up and perfect for using scraps of stretch fabric. It’s one size fit’s most, however, the stretchier your fabric is the more (larger) hand sizes it will fit. Have questions or just want to show off your latest pair? Leave a comment in this thread (and a link to your finished project photo)!

Asymmetrical Top

I recently looked inside my closet and determined that it needed new life. While I love what’s inside, but it just needs some new topspants to change things up. I rummaged though my patterns and decided to give KwikSew 3790 a try. This particular pattern has been in my stash for quite some time, but I never sewed it up. The main reason I haven’t given it a try? That neckline. I love the asymmetrical style, but I can also see that it may be too large for my frame. I’m going to go ahead and sew this one right out of the package anyway and give it a try. For the fabric, I picked a fun “Why you little minx” print from Gorgeous Fabrics – a bold print with a mix of cheetah, fur, and snakeskin designs.

Project Details:

Pattern: KwikSew 3790

“Why you little minx” jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics

Materials & Cost:

Linky Thursday

Have a charm pack, but know what to make with it? This beautiful Charm Square Scarf might be a good place to start

Undoubtedly one of the best contests that I’ve stumbled across in a long time: Win fabric for life (a 20 year supply)!

This tutorial may be labeled as a lunch bag, but it’s too stash away until it’s time to eat. I can see carrying it around everyday.

Getting ready for your countdown to Christmas with a fun Advent Calendar Banner.

Don’t toss those old patterns! Upcycyle them into pretty paper flowers.

Need a bag for the holidays? This bow clutch would make a perfect accessory.

Even if you don’t quilt, color catchers and be an important part of laundering your fabrics and finished clothes. Now you can learn how to make your own for a fraction of the cost.

Nothing is more satisfying than a cute a quick project that’s perfect for gift giving. These chapstick and hand sanitizer cozies definitely fit the bill!

Perfect for collecting treasures during nature walks: The Explorer Bag.

Revamp a baggy sweater into a feminine top!

Don’t let your table be naked this Thanksgiving – dress it up with a pretty quilted table runner.

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It seems like these name pillows are extraordinarily popular – so what’s better than to stitch one up for a charity auction! Since the holidays are right around the corner, I went with a Christmas themed pillow with the word “Believe” appliqued onto some sparkly, white fabric… and I love the results (actually, I don’t think you can go wrong with this pattern, I imagine no matter what fabrics you use, it’ll be adorable). In fact, I love it so much, I’m thinking I may have to do something similar for some holiday gifts this year! But before I do, I think I better squeeze in some clothing sewing – I’m feeling a need for a new wardrobe!

More Auction Baskets

My original thought was to make two “candy cauldrons” (or in this case just some cute baskets) for Taylor’s auction at school. I really loved the zebra print (top left), but thought my other version should have more ‘adult’ fabric. I was wrong. Even though this material is very pretty (bottom right), it’s not a striking as the zebra print. I’ve now mulled it over and decided that maybe two baskets might be too much for one auction and that I should make something different (and then keep one for another function, etc.)…. this is how I get “Sewing ADHD”! Now my goal is to make something ‘holiday themed’, but stitches up fairly quickly – I’m thinking a ‘name pillow’ with a holiday messagefabrics.

Return of the Stupid Sock Creatures

Finally, 5 years after reviewing Stupid Sock Creatures, there is a follow up book! That’s right it’s Return of the Stupid Sock Creatures! Just like the original title, this book is packed with lots of information on selecting your materials, how to sew and stuff your creature, adding dimension to their features (such as stuffed lips, ping-pong eyes, and protruding teeth). However, the best part of this book is the projects… their weirder, stranger, and definitely more awesome than the original! What sets these 19 creatures apart from those that appear in the first book? Details. Although this book could be geared toward any level of sewist, the techniques are definitely a step above the first book – for example the addition of bubbly, painted ping pong eyes, club-like feet (as opposed to tube style legs seen in sock monkeys), and hands with chubby little fingers. If you love to make plush or just have a child who likes one-of-a-kind creatures, then this book is definitely a title you’ll want to have on your bookshelf. As for me – I’m thinking a Snarfle (a ‘dust bunny’ with ping pong style eyes) or Rainbow Dribble (a colorful ‘giant’ with lots of arms and legs) will be in order very soon!

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