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Before I start today’s post, I just want to say that I hope that everyone effected by Hurricane Sandy is doing well, that you had limited property damage, and power is restored very soon. The devastation I’ve been watching is just heartbreaking.

My project yesterday was to make a shirt for Easton to wear under his Elvis costume – so when they are done with their party, he has a ‘themed’ shirt to wear (Thank you Suzie for the idea, it’s brilliant). Originally, I was going to freezer paper stencil “Elvis has left the building” onto a shirt, but I felt like I was in a time crunch so I opted to make an iron-on transfer. Unfortunately, my ink started running out so the red turned out pink and the browns turned purple. Combine this color disaster with the fact that the font is a bit ‘feminine’ and you’ve got one ‘girly’ looking shirt. I decided to go with it anyway and attempt to make it more masculine – by adding red rhinestones (I figured it’s Elvis, he’s blingy) to Elvis’ name and using a black sharpie on the rest of the lettering (not just to make it darker, but to sharpen up the edges of the feminine font). Unfortunately, I think it looks a bit sloppy plus I managed to burn (the brown marks) the transfer a bit while attaching the hot fix rhinestones and it still looks a bit ‘girly’…. but I’m going with it. After all, he just has to wear it for an hour or so.

Lesson learned? Don’t’ take the shortcut, go with your original idea and you’ll like your results better in the end.

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