‘Lil Elvis

After a week of diligent sewing and embellishing with hundreds of rhinestones (and a handful of grommets) I am thrilled to say, ‘Lil Elvis is DONE! In fact, it was completed just in time for an event Friday night and Easton really got into character (lots of posing and dancing). Overall, the fit is spot on and really restores my faith in the ‘big 4’ patterns and the amount of ease they seem to put into their designs. The instructions were great and everything (aside from my difficulty with inserting the sleeves) went together without a hitch. Best of Easton loved it and I’m pretty sure that this is my favorite creation of all time.

Here’s a better look and the front and back of the costume without my model:

For a more detailed review (or summary of all my blog posts about this costume), you can read my entry at Pattern Review.

12 thoughts on “‘Lil Elvis

  1. Karin

    This is amazing!!! Did you keep track of how many hours it took you to create this? I am just a bit curious about that 🙂

    1. Stacy

      No, but now I’m wishing I did because I was wondering the same thing. I’m estimating it at around 12 hours – there was a lot of gluing involved!

      1. Karin

        Wow, that is a lot of time! Most clothing and quilts most often look deceptively simple yet I am still always surprised how long it takes to make them!

  2. Betty Barratt

    Big Wow, I’m very impressed. Easton looks amazing. Is he thinking on wearing it again for Halloween over what he picked at the store?

    1. Stacy

      I think he has to wear it tomorrow – all the neighbors want to see him perform in it! LOL. He’s been wearing his store bought one around the house just to dress up in. This boy just really love Halloween!

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