Cold Weather Present

I’ve been debating on what to make next for my Stocking Swap partner’s ‘stuffers’. I found a fun purple ‘skull and crossbones’ type fleece in my stash and decided that it should become a hat. I used the pattern that I created for this issue of Sew It All – it’s super easy and comes together in a flash! While I like the way it turned out (it fits the mannequin a little weird since her head is much smaller and has that ‘flip’ at the end of her hair), I’m not sure I’m going to include it in her package – my partner sews and I hate sending something she might easily make for herself…. maybe it’ll be chilly this weekend I’ll need a new hat!

4 thoughts on “Cold Weather Present

  1. Karin

    Great! My family is in need of a few casual hats! I just printed out the template and will sew some up this week… thanks!

  2. Chetan

    I love them! And there is a real bit of 30s about them, isn’t there? I think I would even them out to wear myself, that bit hnaigng down would bother me. But if it doesn’t bother you, definitely leave them, they’re certainly pretty as is!

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