Personalized Stocking

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in my sewing room! Yesterday’s project was a stocking for my most recent swap. Since my partner’s favorite colors were the redwhiteaqua combination, I decided to highlight this color in my stocking and then used Jennifer Paganelli’s “Sophia Stocking” from Happy Home as the pattern. This particular pattern was super easy to work with, although I admit I didn’t really follow the directions very closely. Since it is unlined, I serged a majority of the seams so it has a clean finish when you look inside and also embroidered my partner’s name to the cuff to personalize it (plus give it a bit more color since the cuff looks a bit plain without it). Overall, I’m really pleased with the size and shapedesign of this stocking – I may have to think about making more personalized versions for friends and family this year!

2 thoughts on “Personalized Stocking

  1. Prasanna

    wth? =)31 year old, married for three years, tohgeter for 7 total. No pets, no kids. Don’t know when the latter is going to happen. Wife has a B.A. in English and Writing, I have a B.S. in Information Tech. We both work, she’s p/t, I’m f/t in the IT dept of a junior college. I’m sort of a jack of all trades tech. I do hardware, I do software, I do some scripting, I work on networks, I do Helpdesk, I assist the admins, I manage a Mac lab (shudder), etc, etc Wife is mostly agnostic, I’m mostly neopagan. It makes for an interesting mix. I really am in the process at the moment of learning more about other relgions (than Christianity), but also keeping in check with the scientific aspect of our existence. Philosphy: Threat others as you would like to be threated.

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