Craft or Die

I made a bit of progress on my Christmas Stocking Swap this weekend and I have to say, I might have to keep this project (just kidding, but I have to admit, I like how this project turned out a lot). When my husband’s grandmother gave up sewingembroidery she gave me a number of (fantastic) supplies – one of which was a wooden box designed to showcase embroidery. I thought that this was a perfect opportunity to show off some of the fun things that I’ve been making on my Bernina. I decided to stitch up the Craft or Die embroidery design (so it can be used for much more than just sewing) and then cut it to size so that it fit inside the window box….. this may be my favorite project of the whole package!

Does anyone happen to know if they make similar boxes, but deeper? I think this might make a nice Christmas present!

7 thoughts on “Craft or Die

  1. Karin

    It looks fabulous! I would love to receive one of those for Christmas! Can I send you my address??? 😉
    Just kidding… but I don’t know anything about those boxes because I have never seen any unfinished one!

    1. Sheryl

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    2. Alexa

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  2. mattie

    I think I have seen those boxes at Hobby Lobby in the woodworking supply section. Maybe look online at their website and see if the sell them. They’ve been very helpful with helping me source things I have been looking for. If they don’t carry them maybe if you have a local hobby shop you might find some there but give Hobby Lobby a try first as I am sure they did have them.

    1. Natasha

      Ugh. Shoulders are my nemesis. I, too, am doing a foarwrd shoulder alteration, but it still needs tweaking, and there are other things going on that need some work, too. Do you find that the rounded upper back alteration helps the fit of the sleeve cap/armscye? Someone mentioned I should try doing a rounded upper back, but I don’t want to admit to myself that I might need it. Anyway, I’ve been slashing diagonally from 1/3 up the armscye to (but not through)the neck and: 1. adding to the armscye in back for the jutting shoulder blade and 2. removing from the armhole in front to help with the hollow below the shoulder knob. Also, I move the sleeve cap foarwrd and fix the sleeve lines. This set of alterations works pretty well for me with Burda; some armholes are snug (at the arm hinge). Ottobre pattern armholes are very tight and unwearable. Sorry to post a book here (: but I’m fascinated to see someone else figuring out the same fit issues. Good luck!

  3. Molly

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