Linky Thursday

Love sewing books? In need of some new titles on your bookshelf? Then you’ll definitely want to enter this giveaway.

This cord keeper project is sheer brilliance – not only does it manage your electronic cords, but is beautifully labeled so you know which is which!

It may be October, but temperatures here are still quite warm (can you believe in the 80’s?). That means it’s still not too late to whip up a cute sundress (and maybe top it off with a cute cardigan for when it does get chilly).

Speaking of cardigans. This tutorial for creating a cardigan onesie has to be about the cutest thing I’ve seen for a baby recently.

Love cute little zippered pouches, but hate ‘messy’ linings? Learn how to make one free from raw edges with this Neat ‘n’ Tidy Zippered Pouch tutorial.

Probably one of the more popular gifts for baby showers are those cute little animal hooded towels. Learn how to make your own with this adorable owl version.

If you’re planning on taking a trip this holiday season then you’ll definitely want to learn how you can give new life to your travel pillows with this easy cover tutorial.

I had a baby that LOVED to be swaddled. Instead of buying expensive blankets, learn how to make your own.

Have leftover tulle after making your little girl a tutu style skirt? Then put them to good use with this pompom garland and wall art!

I’m a sucker for grommets and gathers. Put them together and you’ve got one fun handbag (this also means that I like this shoulder sling sport duffel)

There may be no sewing involved in this project, but I love the idea of being able to easily(?) recover a pair of Toms in your favorite fabric.

4 thoughts on “Linky Thursday

  1. MC

    Thanks for all the links. I have looked at the cardigan link you mentioned before. I even picked up some fabric, but did I miss the sleeves in the tutorial?

    1. Stacy

      You know what? You’re right – that part is missing! I will say, I’ve looked at this tutorial several times and love the finished look (I’m a sucker for stripes and pink), someday I may have to do it (but add sleeves)!

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