Sugar Skull Pillows

Remember those sugar skulls that I embroidered last week? I finally put them to good use and made pillows out of them:

For this project I used the slipcover tutorial that I wrote for WeAllSew. However instead of using a solid front, I pieced the embroidery and fabric together. To do this, I cut the sugar skull to a 6.5″ square, sewed two 4.75 x 6.5″ rectangles to each side, then added a 4.75 x 15″ strip to the top and bottom of the embroidery. From there, I followed the directions as written. Now my question is, which one should I keep and which one would my swap partner like?

3 thoughts on “Sugar Skull Pillows

  1. Betty Barratt

    I personally like the white embroidery better, but that’s just me. They are both awesome. Your partner will be happy no matter what.

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