Blousy Boxers

Now that a majority of my deadline sewing is complete, I’m able to go back and work on some projects that have been setting on my table. First up, The Louey Boxer Short! This pattern sews up exactly the same as the Tommy Boxer pattern, so I don’t really have anything new to talk about during construction. However, I can talk a little bit about the fit. While I think that the Tommy Boxer fit is spot on, the Louey is a bit blousy in the legs (you can probably see this in the photo as the fabric is ballooned out around his legs). Even though these are meant to be large and roomy, the elastic pulls in the fabric so much they look a bit odd on if you’re not wearing a shirt to help hold all that extra material down, in place next to your legs. I think the key to sewing this one for next time is to sew a size down, but use the same length of elastic for the wasitband.

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