Sugar, Sugar

Confession: I am not a gingerbread artist – however, my kids love to decorate houses during the holidays. So, after much assurance that there would be no arguing, I scummed to purchasing a Wilton Halloween kit. The thing I like least about these kits is that you have to build the house yourself – not only do I make a mess, but so part always slides offfalls apart before it hardens and then I’m scrambling to try to put it together again all the while, everyone is impatiently waiting to start the decorating process. This is the house that they came up with this year and I’m proudly displaying it in the kitchen… although bits of candy have been mysteriously disappearing.

Speaking of bits of candy, check out this cake that my husband got for me for this years birthday (yes, today is my birthday and I will admit that I am now, officially, “The Big 4-0”): chocolate cake, covered in chocolate ganache, topped with a mound of chocolate frosting and candies – it’s rich, delicious, and a sugar coma on a plate! Now I’m just hoping I can spend some time in the sewing room, finish up a project or two, and if all turns out, bring you a fun mixed media tutorial on Monday!

10 thoughts on “Sugar, Sugar

  1. Sarah

    Happy Birthday! What an awesome cake. Welcome to the 40’s – they are liberating.

    I agree – it is better to do a haunted gingerbread house than a Christmas one as the mishaps do look better.

  2. Betty Barratt

    I’m a day late, but still very sincere when I say happy birthday.
    I love the cake your hubby brought home for you and that is a kooky cute house you guys constructed. Hugs

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