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This year I decided that I wanted to decorate for Halloween – not just on the inside, but the outside as well. Quite some time ago, I ‘pinned‘ some ideas, but finally settled on some pumpkin topiaries (I thought that this could carry us through fall, not just Halloween), a matching wreath, and a fall bench cushion (with maybe a few pillows, too). So this weekend, I went on a mission to gather all my supplies. Unfortunately, after 2 1/2 days of shopping at 7 different stores I discovered this project, while adorable, was just too expensive (just to make one topiary would run about $75-90 using nothing but sale items and coupons)…. I’ve got fabric to buy! So for now, I’m just going to settle for decorating the inside of my house (just wait until you see my finished mantle project) The moral of the story? Sometimes crafting is an expensive hobby.

13 thoughts on “Expensive Hobby

  1. Sarah

    Holy cow! That is expensive. Put some pumpkins and mums outside and some indian corn on the door. That will look plenty festive! I’m sure you can sew up something cool for the door – I have a mini bunting on mine. It took about 5 minutes to make.

  2. Beth

    Hmm…I guess I’m surprised. Michaels has had craft pumpkins on sale, as well as fall stems that could be cut apart and glued. Not sure about the topiary holder itself. I’m sorry this didn’t work out for you.

    Any chance Sarah will share her mini-bunting?

    Have fun decorating indoors!

  3. Stacy

    I think I like the idea of some real pumpkins and mums! I may have to go with this idea after all.

    Beth the shocking thing was – that price included was on sale pumpkins! The starting price for them is $20 and works its way up to $34.99 for the larger sizes. I had no idea that Funkins cost so much. I will say that I did like that they had a hole in the bottom of them already so they were easier to stack and if you wanted lighting it was much easier to insert. The other expensive element was the planterurn – they were still pretty expensive even at home improvement stores. I think I need to shop ‘off season’ more.

    1. Beth

      Definitely be sure to hunt the sales on November 1st, Stacy — even with Thanksgiving still on the horizon, I’d expect things to be put into clearance in preparation for the Christmas crafting.

      Martha Stewart had a cute idea of hollowing out a pumpkin and sticking a pot of mums right into the top so that the pumpkin becomes a vase of sorts….

      1. Stacy

        Very cute idea! Hopefully it’s a good pumpkin season so we’ll have lots of large pumpkins that aren’t too expensive – the other year it was horrible and we had a ‘shortage’ of nice pumpkins.

    2. Raviendar

      Does anyone know of any good? games invloving sewing and fashion? I know there’s the Fashion Fantasy Game? and Fashion Craze, but are there? any others? Specifically, I’m looking for something with a sewing center like on the Fashion Fantasy Game.

    3. Softboy

      Hi Ann, I just saw your reply. I’d like the top pattern still if it will fit in a prtoiriy envelope. Also, I saw your comment about not finding the Cdn. rates. I think that’s because Canada Post is on strike and has sealed up all of the mail boxes.

  4. Katrina

    The skirt was taken immediately Jeanette, but the top is still aibalavle. Please email me if you want it ASAP, because there are others waiting for it. You were the first to ask for it so you get dibs.

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