It’s A Zombie Bear Apocalypse

When I started out this week, I had a mental plan in my mind as to what I thought I could accomplish – little did I know that I would spend all my time creating two stuffed bears. This project was definitely more time consuming than what I expected, but I think that the end results are worth it:

After appliqueing all the details to various sections of the bear, I sewed up the muzzle, tail, and belly parts – the only change that I made to these parts is that I hand stitched the open hems of the belly so the stitches wouldn’t show. As for the bear body, I had to make a few changes out of necessity: since I forgot to add seam allowances, I wound up making my seams a scat 1/8″. Yes, that’s right 1/8″! I figured anything larger would distort the final shape (i.e. making them look tubular) of the arms, legs and ears. The other change I made is that I sewed up the left side of the bear, attached the green patchwork and stitches applique and sewed them down and then finished sewing the rest of the bear’s body together. The muzzle, belly, and tail were later hand sewn onto the bear, giving it a dimensional appearance.

The Bottom Line: While this bear took quite a bit of time to construct, the final product is professional, cute, and will definitely be well received. The dimensional (muzzle, tail, belly) and interactive (removing the intestines from the belly) portions of this animal definitely make it unique and look like something you might see in a store (but better, of course). The instructions are not as detailed as commercial patterns, but if you’ve had some sewing experience (especially with sewing stuffies) you’ll be able to work your way through this project without any problems. Overall, a fun, but time consuming project!

3 thoughts on “It’s A Zombie Bear Apocalypse

    1. Stacy

      I love it! What a fun idea. On a similar kind of note, I saw a sewing pattern for The Little Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly. You open up her mouth and put in the animal that goes along with the song. I wish I had the skills to make that!

      1. Ndahafa

        I look forward to the arrvial of my latest CME mag I treat myself by fixing a cup of tea, putting my feet up and enjoying the articles/ideas as I read from cover to cover. There is always at least one technique or project I want to try. My favorite lately are the ones that I can finish in about a four hour time frame. I love the feeling of completing a project!Thanks for the wonderful magazine!

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