I’ve Got Guts

I’ll admit it. I’m a Fluffle nut (I even have the ‘chicken’ sitting on my sewing room shelf). One of my favorite stuffies that designer Mariska Vos-Bolman ever made was a zombie bear for a Craftster (stuffed bear) challenge. Up until now, I just had to admire from afar, but recently discovered that she’s selling the pattern. So, guess what my next project(s) is? Yup you guessed it, our own zombie bears (Halloween gifts for the kids).

Fortunately, the pattern was available for immediate download and Hancock Fabric was having a fleece sale… so I set out to gather all my materials. I immediately got home, cut out (almost) all the pieces and realized I made my first mistake – I did not realize that the pattern pieces do not have a seam allowance. Consequently, my bear will wind up being about 1/2″ smaller that intended and I’ll have to carefully sew any pieces that have any applique on them because some are close to the seam line. I decided to tackle the least fun-looking element of the bear…. the intestines. I traced the pattern piece directly onto the felt, sewed the shape, and then cut closely to the stitching line. The truly tricky part? Stuffing little wads of poly-fill into the tube – not too firmly and leaving ‘pockets’ so it looks like, well, guts. While the photo doesn’t really capture how gruesome they look, I think I did a pretty good job making them look as realistic as what felt guts can get.

Project Details:

Pattern: DIY Fluffies Zombie Bear

An assortment of fleecesfelt from Hancock Fabrics
(no photo available)

Materials & Cost:

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