S is For…

Rounding of the last of my Spell My Name swap is a “S is for Star Wars Onesie”. I dyed a white onesie ‘black’ (although the finished color is more of a charcoal gray) and added a patch from the Star Wars themed fabric that I also used for the burp rag – I would have rather used an entire comic book cover that appeared on the fabric, but it was much too large to sew onto the onesie. Now that my package is pretty much complete, it’s time to pop it off into the mail and get started on a few projects for me!

2 thoughts on “S is For…

  1. Betty Barratt

    I really admire that you do so much for others, while taking care of your family. It seems you somehow squeeze 30 hours into 24.
    This is very cute by the way.

    1. Stacy

      I seem to enjoy it – it definitely gives me a variety of projects to work on! Plus I know that the handmade gifts are appreciated – I know some people aren’t as fond of them as commercial items.

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