Linky Thursday

Only have a yard of decorator fabric? This floor cushion is a perfect project to use it up.

It may not be spring, but this blouse would still be perfect for a warm fall day.

Keep your cards hands and looking pretty at the same time.

A stuffy perfect for Halloween – Bellatrix Bat.

A sweet little dress for your favorite toddler.

This pincushion is as pretty as a package.

Cold weather will soon be upon us. Prepare for winter with this Snowblossom Hat.

For everyone who ever wanted to be Red Riding Hood.

It may not be sewing related, but this googly eyed bracelet is a perfect accessory for Halloween.

Have a car that’s in need of a little TLC? This tutorial will teach you how a bit of fabric can give it a makeover.

Keep your stroller organized and look fashionable doing it.

These animal masks may not be written in English, but they are so adorable, it’s well worth figuring out how to sew them!

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