Wet Bag

In light of the weekend baby booty debacle, I decided against starting another pair. Instead, I decided to go another route and make something else baby related. A wet bag. This is essentially a cloth exterior bag that is lined with PUL (a waterproof material that is typically used in cloth diaper making) and can be used to store cloth diapers, soiled clothingbib, or a handy storage for wipes and diaper for on-the-go diaper changes.. and if she decides to skip the diaper bag, there’s a nice little wrist strap that she can use to carry it all. Best of all, it’s not only in a fabric she likes, but matches one of the burp cloths I recently made for her.

2 thoughts on “Wet Bag

  1. Betty Barratt

    owls are really getting popular this past year. This is really cute and she should like it a lot.

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