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Bibs From Towels

Have a new baby or a shower to go to? Not only will this bib be well received, but it’ll quickly become a favorite because it’s so large and absorbent! The secret? It’s made from a towel! This is my latest project for WeAllSew and as you can tell, even Easton liked it (and he hasn’t worn a bib in years!). This is a great project to use those adorable, pre-embellished hand towels you see in stores or use an embroidery machine to personalize your own (I’ve done several “First Birthday” versions as gifts for friends). Plus I’ve also included two ways to finish your project to change up their looks – both are quick and easy and can be stitched up in under an hour. This project isn’t just for little ones, it’s also ideal for adults who need assistance in feeding – just change the size of the towel to accommodate the individual and you’ve got a perfectly sized bib that will help keep their clothing tidy during meals!

Linky Thursday

Not only are these dress patterns free (most sized 32), but they are all absolutely adorable with some great details!

Sew up a reversible jumbo tote (I wish we had an IKEA close because that ‘fabric’ is AWESOME).

Who said keeping dust off your machine(s) had to be boring? These covers will definitely spruce up your sewing area when you’re not using it!

Turn a sock into an adorable teddy bear.

I wish I had thought of these Rick Rack flowers – they are absolutely gorgeous!

Another really interesting way to use Mod Podge: Screenprinting a tee.

Transform a simple t-shirt into a Pleplum Top.

Looking for a quick way to spruce up a child’s room? Grab a charm pack and start a fan garland.

There’s only 88 days until Christmas. Have you started making your decorations yet? You can start with some new Christmas stockings (or sew a miniature version, perfect for gift cards)

Take A Guess

Even though I have lots of projects I’d like to work on, there are a few items that have upcoming deadlines. Since I’m not one who likes to work rushed, I decided to tackle them now. Consequently, I’ve set everything aside to work on two new projects that will appear in an upcoming Sew It All magazine. For this particular project I selected a beautiful Denyse Schmidt print that was at Joann’s (it is really lovely to work with) and featherlight boning – I bet you can’t guess what it will be!

Spell My Name

If you read this blog often, you’ll notice that I’m addicted to swapping. Not only does it inspire a lot of creativity in me, but the best part is, you get a package in the mail in return. Yesterday I received a Spell My Name swap package from my partner and was blow away by the beautiful work that she did. First off she knitted up a fantastic, pink and black sparkly skull hat (S is for Skully hat and Skittles). I can honestly say that I can’t wait for it to get cold now – I love winter accessories!

The rest of the package included:

T is forTattoo inspired pin (a tattoo heart with ‘Crafty’ embroidered on it) and a toblerone. A is for Alice in Wonderland framed embroidery and Angry Birds Gummies (which my daughter says are the best). C is for Cameo Candle (filled with a wonderful smelling soy) and Caramello. Y is for Yummy cupcake garland and a York peppermint patty!

Mixed Media Banner Tutorial

This year I decided that I wanted to do something different this year for Halloween. This year I wanted to go… ‘vintage”. This is not a look that I generally go for, but I was totally inspired by this photo. What I really loved about this look was the banner. But since I don’t do paper crafting, I did the next best thing – “mixed media”

I my opinion, the key to a vintage banner is the lettering. Since I don’t do paper crafting, I decided on the next best thing – machine embroidery. For my version, I decided to use the Cirque Alphabet from Urban Threads (5.00″w x 3.50″h – I found that I was able to easily fit two letters on the large, oval hoop) and a ‘rustic’, open-weave cotton fabric from Hobby Lobby. Like the inspiration photo, I set out to spell the phrase “All Hallows Eve”.

After embroidering the letters, I used a fusible webbing on the backside of the material. I cut the fabric and frayed the edges slightly to give it a more ‘rustic’ feel – then ironed it directly onto a precut, 4.5″ X 6.5″ piece of paper. While the precut papers are pretty, they are still very flimsy. So, if you want them to last for years to come, you’ll probably want to back each letter with a card stock of the same size (I used a glue stick to adhere the papers together).

Next you’ll want to string your letters together. To do this, I used a hole punch to make two small holes on the top center of each letter (this not only seems to give each letter balance when strung, but also some ‘support’ so the string doesn’t eventually rip through the holes). I used a 1/4″ ribbon to hold them all together. Next up, string them up on your mantle, banister, or doorway and enjoy! Here’s how my finished fireplace looks so far:

Sugar, Sugar

Confession: I am not a gingerbread artist – however, my kids love to decorate houses during the holidays. So, after much assurance that there would be no arguing, I scummed to purchasing a Wilton Halloween kit. The thing I like least about these kits is that you have to build the house yourself – not only do I make a mess, but so part always slides offfalls apart before it hardens and then I’m scrambling to try to put it together again all the while, everyone is impatiently waiting to start the decorating process. This is the house that they came up with this year and I’m proudly displaying it in the kitchen… although bits of candy have been mysteriously disappearing.

Speaking of bits of candy, check out this cake that my husband got for me for this years birthday (yes, today is my birthday and I will admit that I am now, officially, “The Big 4-0”): chocolate cake, covered in chocolate ganache, topped with a mound of chocolate frosting and candies – it’s rich, delicious, and a sugar coma on a plate! Now I’m just hoping I can spend some time in the sewing room, finish up a project or two, and if all turns out, bring you a fun mixed media tutorial on Monday!

Linky Thursday

Not only is this vest a perfect look for fall, but it’s super easy to make too.

Transform a pair of shoes into a new favorite with just a bit of fabric.

I’m a sucker for cute pincushions. This little mouse is definitely a must sew!

Who doesn’t love an Easy Zippered Pouch?

Boot socks are still a popular accessory, learn how to make a cute lace version here.

Cook in style with this pretty full apron.

A Little Monster (bib) for your little monster.

Tired of carrying your iPod when you work out? This tutorial makes a quick and easy holder that you can wear while you jog.

Once you see one of these plush patchwork pumpkins, you’ll want to make one – too cute!

What’s better than a cute toddler dress? Two dresses in one! This flutter sleeved jumper is reversible, solving the problem of what to do when your little one spills something on their dress… just flip it over!

Bring a bit of fall into your home with this Rosette Pumpkin Pillow.

Easiest Project

I have way too many “irons in the fire” at the moment so I’m discovering I have a little progress done on several items (instead of my usual work until it’s done and then move onto the next project). Since I haven’t really started on the Louey boxers yet, I thought I would do the next best thing… make a coordinating shirt. I used a scrap of the leftover Star Wars material to make a patch – fortunately I was able to use the entire comic book cover (this is a ‘toss’ so the rest of the comics that appear on the fabric are covered up by other designs, this image is the only one that is whole). Easiest project, ever – plus I feel like I’ve made a dent in my sewing list.

Louey, Louey

When I purchased the Star Wars fabric for my latest swap, Easton had decided that after I was done making a burp cloth and matching onesie, I needed to make him some pajamas. So, I bought what I thought would be enough material to make all three… apparently I was wrong.

Originally, I traced off the snugly pajamas in Sewing for Boys, but discovered that a one piece design was too wide for the amount of fabric I had left over. I figured that since a one piece pattern wouldn’t work, surely a two part pattern would be better. So I hit the fabric store (by the way, finding a pajama bottom for a child that isn’t in one piece is much more difficult than what you’d expect) and brought home Burda 9747. After cutting out the appropriate size (and making a few waistlength adjustments), I discovered, this pattern would have fit if my material wasn’t a directional design. Boo. I now realize the only real option is shorts and decided to get the sister (or is it brother) pattern to SisBoom’s Tommy Boxers – The Louey. Finally, a pattern that I know will work!

Project Details:

Pattern: SisBoom Louey Boxer/a>

Star Wars cotton print

Materials & Cost:

Expensive Hobby

This year I decided that I wanted to decorate for Halloween – not just on the inside, but the outside as well. Quite some time ago, I ‘pinned‘ some ideas, but finally settled on some pumpkin topiaries (I thought that this could carry us through fall, not just Halloween), a matching wreath, and a fall bench cushion (with maybe a few pillows, too). So this weekend, I went on a mission to gather all my supplies. Unfortunately, after 2 1/2 days of shopping at 7 different stores I discovered this project, while adorable, was just too expensive (just to make one topiary would run about $75-90 using nothing but sale items and coupons)…. I’ve got fabric to buy! So for now, I’m just going to settle for decorating the inside of my house (just wait until you see my finished mantle project) The moral of the story? Sometimes crafting is an expensive hobby.