Monster Mash

I know every little kid has their ‘passion(s)’. For most little boys it’s cars, trains, superheros, maybe even a specific character. Mine? Roller coasters and MonstersHalloween (and if you can combine the two to make a Halloween or Monster themed roller coaster he’s in heaven). When we first changed over to the ‘big boy bed’ it wasn’t as apparent how much he loved these things so we went with the generic sports theme. However, over the weekend, my husband and I decided it might be a good idea to give his room a makeover…. a retro monster themed area (Dracula, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Frankenstein)! Easton started picking out posters (and figurinesstatures he wanted) and I went on a fabric hunt. I was over the moon when I discovered Robert Kaufman re-released Monster Mash (shown on the left). For years I’ve been looking for reasonable yardage of this print so I could make something fabulous with it (like this bag) and luckily stumbled across it at eQuilter late the other night. So folks, if you’re interested inbeen searching for this print don’t be duped into high prices on eBay ($20+), it’s out again (and just in time to make over a little boys room)!

4 thoughts on “Monster Mash

  1. Betty Barratt

    That is a cool looking bag she made. How much of this fabric are you needed for his makeover?
    My 9 yr old grandson is into Angry birds, the 7 yr old is a soccer kind of guy, the twins who just turned 2 were Minion fans just a few months ago, but have turned into Yaba Yaba Gaba (I think that is what it is) fans. Until recently, I had never heard of them. LOL

    1. Stacy

      I’m not quite sure what I’m going to make with it (maybe a valance, throw pillows, ???) so I got 3 yards. It should be plenty and if I have leftover I can make a fun bag. 🙂

      OOOOOH, YoGabbaGabba – I just saw that they are releasing fabric soon with those characters on it! Not that I’m fabric enabling or anything. LOL

      1. Betty Barratt

        Soon you say? Well, guess it’s my duty as a grandma to buy some and get creative.
        Hope you share what you do with the Monster Mash.

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