Eye Spy With My Little Eye

This has been a week of ‘Spring Fall cleaning’ (and moving the oldest’s room down to the basement per her request). Much of my day has been spent rummaging through closets, drawers, old boxes…. While the 4 year old has been fascinated with some of the items that have turned up (we found some old toys that held his attention all day), there have been a few times that he just needs something interesting to occupy his time while I’m sorting through everything. That’s when I sat down the other night and stitched him up an Eye Spy Bag. For the front side of the bag, I used a Hot Wheels print fabric while on the back I embroidered a race car design that’s built into my machine and then stitched on a printed list of the items inside. Even though he can’t read yet, at some point he’ll be able to, plus it reminds me what I stashed inside (some items are very tiny).

Hopefully this will capture his attention for a while – I’m almost done going through everything!

2 thoughts on “Eye Spy With My Little Eye

  1. Sarah

    I’ve had this project hanging over my head, too. I think Aidan might be too old so this will be perfect for my little nephew.

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