It’s A Giveaway!

Things have been a little slow around here on the blog so it’s time to give it a little kick in the pants. I don’t know better way to jump start StacySews than by doing a little giveaway! Up for grabs is a Dritz Project Bag (shown on the right) – it’s just the right size to tote all the necessities to your next sewing class or sew-in (plus it’s made in a cute sewing-themed print). In order to be eligible for this prize, all you have to do is comment on in this thread and tell me how you’d put this tote to good use. Contest ends at midnight (CST) on Sunday, August 25 and is open to everyone – yes everyone, including those that may live outside the US.

29 thoughts on “It’s A Giveaway!

  1. Virginia

    I want to take more quilting classes and I’d love a cute tote to replace my less than glamorous plastic box.

  2. Wendy

    I’m always filling a tote bag with projects to work on while waiting for the kids at lessons, practices, etc.

  3. Maryall

    Hi, great bag! I just LOVE bags, totes, purses&co., and yours is just beautiful!
    I would use it to carry my books over to the university, as its colours are so nice and would brighten the dark winter days when I have to wake up so early and travel for 60 miles in order to get to my university… And yes, I use totes as my books and notebooks are so many and totes are so comfy!!!
    Thank you! Maryall

  4. wanda spain

    I love this bag. I am making a Hexy Quilt and it will hold everything I would need to work on it in the Hospital when my folk are in them, which latey has been a lot. I also have been going over there to their apartment to help them until they get better, it would be a blessing. Thanks for the chance.

  5. Carrie

    Cute tote! I’d use it to carry embroidery projects I plan to work on while waiting in the car pool line at my son’s school. Thanks for the chance!

  6. Beth

    Ooooh toooo CUTE!!! I would be the envy of my knitting group if I showed up with my project in that! And, I just backed out of some volunteer committments and want to get my quilt tops to a quilt shop that has offered to teach me how to finish the darn things — the store that taught my beginner class only gets you through the top! Binding? Backing? “Go look on You-Tube.” Well, that doesn’t work for yours truly. Harrrumph.

    Thanks for the chance, Stacy!!!

  7. Debbie Reaves

    Oh my goodness! What a cutie. I’m working two jobs now so it would be great to have a different bag for each job. I have to change the proverbial hat so how about the real bag for job number 2?

    Thanks for sharing and all you do.


  8. Lorraine

    That’s adorable. I’ve been needing a project bag. I’ll probably end up making one. I’d use it to lug my projects to my best friend’s house when we have our sewing days. Instead of just carrying them or sticking them in a plastic bag.

  9. Rebecca Goldie

    This is the cutest tote ever! I would probably use it to take my projects on the go! It would fit books, material, everything! It’s TOTEally awesome! oooooh… Ouch…. (But I really do think it is.)

  10. Leila

    If I won the tote, I’d probably use it for my current knitting and then I’d probably add in my wallet one day so I didn’t have to carry two bags and then I’d just put my sunglasses in there for the chance of a sunny day in Fall. Knowing me, I’d start using it on trips to my inlaws’ house, adding in my toothbrush and a couple of scrunchies. I’d still have my knitting in there, mind you. I’d name the tote Paula. It’s a good name.

  11. Betty Barratt

    Stacy, this is way cute and for me it would be an extension of my sewing room. While I can make my own totes, I have so many other projects on the front burner, and they would have to wait.
    I often bring hand sewing projects out into my living room and with 4 cats and 2 dogs, I have to be very careful with my spools and tools. This would be the perfect bag to be my out of the sewing room project.
    Thank you for considering me. Betty

  12. Colleen Mayberry

    Super cute! My nine year old started sewing classes this summer and is hooked. I would give it to her and set it up as a place for her to keep all of her tools, patterns, etc. She would be delighted to have this!

  13. Helen

    I don’t have a dedicated craft space so I keep all my WIPs (sewing and knitting) in tote bags. Each bag holds everything I need for that project and I hang them on the back of the bedroom door so I can see them. When I’m going out or have some free time to craft, I can just grab a tote bag and take that project with me wherever I decide to work on it.

  14. Christy

    the possibilities are endless…I would probably use it for an everyday bag if my daughter didnt see it and claim it for herself first! 🙂

  15. Sarah

    Stacy, your blog is one of the few I read daily but I am lax at commenting. I am sorry!

    My view of this bag is one for library books! We are definitely in need of a new one.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. Tanja

    I started sewing less than a year ago. I would take this bag and put my sewing stuff in it to go with me when we go away on the weekend. Usually I then sit around bored, because my husband spend his time in “his garage”. Time for change 🙂 lol

  17. Shari

    Totally cute. I love the colors of this tote. I would use this bag for my craft projects that I do on my lunch hour and as a grocery bag for fruits, cereal and snacks.

    Thanks 🙂

  18. Tam

    Looks like a good bag for carrying a current project to class or a sew-in. Love totes, so don’t really need a reason to use it. 🙂

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