Lesson Learned

My second distraction this weekend came when I decided that I needed a new shirt that would take me into fall. Originally, I thought I wanted to use Jalie 3132 and a solid ‘fall’ or even (wait for it……) neon-ish color for the entire shirt, but never found anything that interested me. I finally decided on a solid bright pink from Hobby Lobby and some of the remnant crown print left over from this tank. Once again this is another fabulous designed top that went together really easy. My only complaint is that the pink interlock is very thin and not very friendly to work with – in fact, my needle snagged a thread of the material while sewing and created a tiny hole right by the neckline (I wound up having to mend it so it wouldn’t eventually get larger), plus I never could get my serger to properly stitch on it. Lesson learned, while Hobby Lobby knits looks great, they might not be the most ideal for my project.

3 thoughts on “Lesson Learned

    1. Stacy

      I do if they are cotton, twill, or other material that might shrink once it hits the water (the only exception is if I’m going to make a quilt and then I don’t pre-wash because I like that bubbly effect it gets after it’s been quilted). If it’s a polyester material, I skip it since it won’t shrink after washing.

  1. Saud

    that he was probably using your mnchiae. I liked your shorts and think they look good with the top. I have a few Kwik Sew patterns and I really like them too. They aren’t exactly glam on the pattern envelopes but most of them have worked out well for me.

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